Four Must Have Points When Choosing the Right Home Garage Door Opener


Arriving home in the dark with a storm raging yet you have no umbrella to hide under? Then you may have seen the need for having fitted an automatic opener to your garage door.  It may have been very inconveniencing to run out in the rain to open the door. An automatic garage door opener saves you the time and hassle by opening and closing the door with a simple click, right inside your car.  Choosing the best opener for your garage door is an important decision to make since opening mechanisms are usually very varied. You will find guidance here on how to make that choice.

Consider the Drive Type

This is the actual Comcast Xfinity home automation devices that actually lifts and moves the door.  There are chain-drive openers, screw-drive openers as well as belt-drive openers.  The door in the chain-drive opener is lifted and lowered by means of a metallic chain or sprocket.  Although they are the most affordable, they are usually noisy during operations.  Screw-drive doors, on the other hand, are relatively quieter during operations than their chain-drive counterparts.   Their mode of operation makes use of a long threaded metallic rod to lift and lower the doors. They offer reliable service since they have fewer moving parts. Belt-drive openers are usually the quietest of the three.   They operate using a rubber belt on a cog to close and open doors.

Garage Door Type

The type of door you have in your garage will also determine the type of openers you will go for.  The chain-drive options are suitable for heavy wooden and oversized garage doors as well as heavily insulated doors.  The screw-drive openers are ideal for steel and single-car garage doors since they have less weight.  Know about the tool for selecting a garage door opener here!

Power Type

There are two essential types of electric power, namely alternating current (AC) and direct current (DC).  Since AC openers start and stop at full power, the doors usually experience jerks during movement. Tear and wear and even noise is the result of these jerking movements in AC openers. On the other hand, the DC facilitates softer starts and stops hence reducing wear and tear.

Amount of Horsepower

 The measure of power required by any machine is known as horsepower . Depending on the type and weight, various openers will need different horsepower amounts in order to work well. The appropriate motor speed for standard doors is usually provided by a 1/2HP motor. Since the insulated and heavy wooden doors can strain the 1/2HP motors, 3/4HP motors are usually preferred to drive these doors.

Putting all these factors into consideration will hopefully help you make the right choice of a door opener for your garage and enable you effectively manage and save time at home.


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